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Gray Court Owings, South Carolina

Narrative Writing

over 4 years ago

By Ashley Buckhout

A narrative writing tells a story about real or imagined experiences or events.

What does a narrative writing include?

To write a narrative story you need:

-a beginning, middle, and end

-plot, setting, characters and/or narrator, climax, and details

-dialogue and descriptions


Brainstorming is thinking about what you want to write about. Some ways to brainstorm is by making thinking maps, jotting down notes, or making a list.


Voice should answer these questions.

Do I really like this paper?

Does this writing sound like me?

How do I want my readers to feel?

Word Choice

When thinking about the words you use, ask these questions?

Did I use the word that best describes what I am saying?

Did I use a word too many times in my writing?

Did I use transitional words?


Check for Capitalization, PUNCTUATION, and Spelling

Writing Help