March is Women History Month

March is Women History Month.  To celebrate women history, the GCO Multicultural Committee has  planned events, interactions, and an assembly highlighting their accomplishments. 

Schedule of events:

Week 1:         March 6-10         Women in the Community :Thank You Notes

                                                                Launch Middle School Trivia Game

Week 2:        March 13-16        Women's Picture Trivia Game

Week 3:        March 24th         Parade of Women
                                                               1:00  Elementary School
                                                               1:30  Middle School
Please have your class stand in the hallway beside your classroom and a parade of women from the community (nurses, doctors, lawyers, etc.) will proceed through the halls.

Week 4:       March 31st            7 Up, Heads Up Middle School Assembly
MS teachers please bring your 3rd period class to the auditorium and have them seated by  10:00 am.