Mister & Miss GCO

On Saturday, February 11, 2023 at 5pm, the Gray Court-Owings Auditorium was filled with excitement as twenty-two of our middle school students competed to win the title of Mister or Miss GCO!  Congrats to all of our winners!!

Mr. GCO - Bayron Ramos

Miss GCO - Anna Dow

Mr. 8th grade Carter Adair
Ms. 8th grade Kyleigh Oney

Mr. 7th grade Isai Fernandez
Ms. 7th grade Katia Arteaga

Ms. 6th grade Krishna Carter

Miss Congeniality Katia Arteaga
People choice award - Brayden LaTourneau
Overall Sales & Ads - EJ Stroud
Most Photogenic Ashlyn Rigsby & EJ Stroud
Overall Theme wear - Katia Arteaga
Overall Sweetheart Krishna Carter

Miss 6th Grade 1st Runner Up - Nykaya Holmes
Miss 6th Grade 2nd Runner Up - Joselyn Juan Lucas

Miss 7th Grade 1st Runner Up - Amaya Woolcock
Miss 7th Grade 2nd Runner Up - Lily Gunby

Mr. 7th Grade 1st Runner Up - EJ Stroud
Mr. 7th Grade 2nd Runner Up - Bryson Scruggs

Miss 8th Grade 1st Runner Up - Ashlyn Rigsby
Miss 8th Grade 2nd Runner Up - Jamira Sullivan