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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The capacities in which volunteers may assist are too numerous to list.  However, the following  examples illustrate how volunteers can assist in schools. 

· Laminate

· Photocopy

· Fold/prepare newsletters, brochures, etc.

· Help during Book Fairs

· Read with students

· Assist during lunch (open milk cartons, etc.)

· Assist in media center

· Tutor

· Check homework assignments

· Check student materials

· File student work and lesson activities

· Organize materials

· Assist in computer lab

· Take classes to lunch or recess

· Assist in preparation for special events

· Assist with bus duty

· Serve as guest speaker for career awareness

· Help in office (answer telephone, make copies, file)

· Maintain science and math kits

· Chaperone field trips

· Translate/interpret Spanish or other languages

· Help with Field Day


              Volunteers will supplement and enrich programs and services in Laurens District 55.

All volunteers must receive training from the district volunteer specialist or a school volunteer coordinator prior to serving.


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