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Volunteer Program

Our Purpose        

As volunteers, we support and encourage volunteerism in District 55 schools. Volunteers work in cooperation with the schools to help meet the needs of students and the school staff and to represent the community in fulfilling responsibilities to the schools beyond tax support. Volunteers supplement and complement the work of theclassroom teachers and make a difference to children, teachers, and the entire community. Volunteers give students an opportunity to see parents and community members involved in school                                                                                   activities through a helping relationship.                                                    

Definitions and Guidelines

A volunteer is a person or group who has been approved by completing the district’s volunteer process and then provides goods and services of his/her own free will to Laurens District 55 schools.  A volunteer receives no financial payment for such goods and services.

A volunteer hour is one hour of service to the school district for which the person or group performing the service is not paid. A volunteer may serve in any manner approved by the school.

Our district program is headed by our volunteer specialist, Lynne Todd.

All Title I schools have chosen volunteer contacts to handle the day-to-day volunteer responsibilities within the school.

All volunteers must receive training from the district volunteer specialist or a school volunteer coordinator prior to serving.  You may obtain an application from the school office or access it at Laurens County School District 55 Volunteer Application.

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